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Monday, 11 February 2013

The 'all-you-can-eat' buffet you won't wanna miss...

Chocolatiers have lovingly prepared their wares, chefs have carefully selected their menus, cards have been strategically placed at front of store and florists prepare for one of the biggest business days on the calendar.
Gird your loins for the global celebration of love - Saint Valentine's Day!

I dig the intention of this celebration. People around the world are acknowledging themselves, their partner, a friend or relative with expressions of love be it handwritten, store-bought, chocolate coated or otherwise. It's encouraging. Thing is, I, like Andre 3000, believe that every day's the 14th and figure; why wait for one day a year to demonstrate you care for someone...Hmmm?

Upon researching SVDay I discovered that the month of February was known as 'The Month of Romance' and the day itself, 'The Feast of Saint Valentine'. These historical points support my belief that one day is simply not enough to appreciate and reciprocate love. 

By definition, a feast is a sumptuous entertainment or meal for many guests. Now I'm a good Greek girl and I can tell you one thing for sure; when it comes to food, everyday is a feast and a shared occasion overflowing with heart and soul. In Greek culture food is indeed a bona fide expression of love. You'll rarely find a Greek Mama skimping on what goes on the table because it's a Monday night or she can't be buggered. No way Spiro! Every day is a feast, every day is a celebration of love.

I don't know how you'll choose to express it, nor how often. What I do know is we're all capable of giving and receiving love with higher intensity and frequency. Let's not get caught up in the semantics - your expressions need not be grandiose. Love can be demonstrated with the simplest gesture, so long as it's enthusiastic and true.

Go on then. Loosen that top button in preparation or better yet, pledge to feast on love until you're sporting a mu-mu. I dare you.

Loving you, loving me...(Your Valentine) TLT x

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