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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Getting down and dirty...

It's fascinating that we often accept mediocre standards and neglect to establish our own, absurd that we're limited by our own thoughts and absolutely mind boggling the shit we're prepared to put up with rather than stand up for what we believe in.

Sure it's tough being truthful or confronting the status quo. There's a truck load of people  experiencing enormous amounts of peer pressure (who said it stops in the school yard?) daily, be it self inflicted or otherwise. After all, it may be best to keep the peace, get along and not offend. Right?

I believe that's a gross under (or over) estimation of a) your ability to maturely express your point of view and b) how the recipient of your feedback will react to it.

Fact: People are people and they experience (akin to Christina Aguilera's voice) a vast range of emotions that can make them behave a little, well, crazy. So it's likely you'll occasionally be served a shit sandwich and expected to gobble it up with the enthusiasm of a fat kid on a cupcake, licking your fingers and begging for more. Like Brad Pitt for Chanel - it's inevitable.

The terrific news is you have to power to pull out your depth gauge at any given moment and establish the level of crap you're prepared to put up with. No shit! Pun intended. 

So do yourself a favour the next time you hear the dinner bell ring. Accept that people are going to continue to dish it and stop and think about whether you want to dip your toes, stand knee dip or don your nose peg and swim in it 'til your fingers get all pruney.

The choice , as always, is yours. 

Loving you, loving me...TLT x


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