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Friday, 23 September 2011

You can't touch this!

Recently my dear friends Mandy and Peter were betrothed.

Ahh, I love a wedding and t'was a truly delightful affair.

The ceremony was originally intended to proceed beneath a big, old Fig tree however thanks to torrential rain, Plan B was quickly implemented and both Mandy and Peter's declaration of love and commitment to one another and the reception party to 'officially' seal the deal were undertaken in a marquee perched on a hill in the rolling hinterland of Byron Bay.

Regardless of Mother Nature's absolute lashing (we're survivors in the Destiny's Child sense of the word) we partied on.

I was awarded the honourable role of Mistress of Ceremonies or as I promptly and affectionately tagged myself, 'MC Hammer' due to the fact that i'm a self motivator and, well, I was going to smash it.

That said, in the days leading up to the event I found myself alternating between 3 states of mind.

1. Panic - In the event of an emergency assume the brace position and stay calm!

What if I screw this up?...What if they're sitting at the breakfast table 5 years from now, ruing the day they asked me to be their hostess with the mostest? 

2. Motivation - Tony Robbins style

'It's not what we get, but who we become and contribute that gives meaning to our lives.'
Mental note: Focus on my contribution.

3. Action - I'm an aficionado of the method movement

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Well, who the hell else are you talkin' to? You talkin' to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the f--k do you think you're talkin' to?"

Post event, i've taken some time for reflection and I got to thinking about how one event is approached so very differently depending on the individuals involved on every level. Be it star attraction, MC or guest - the preparation and execution of such an event is managed differently.

For these lovebirds, the occasion was organised yet relaxed.

My girlfriend Mandy is relatively low fuss.
Frock - check. Sparkly shoes - Check. Dramatic make up - check. Easy.

My mate Peter - he's pretty low fuss too.
New suit and shoes. Done and dusted.

Rather than adhering to tradition (a dish best served cold) they opted out of having Mandy's father walk her down the aisle to meet her Prince. On this occasion Mandy, Peter and their two children approached us and their future, together. Walking through the rain and into the marquee as one. Unconventional? Perhaps, yet it worked so beautifully. It was their moment and we loved it.

Post ceremony, which was beautifully conducted by Marriage Celebrant 'Zen' (we were in Byron Bay after all!) came the bubbles and a few moments for the speeches. They were warm, funny and inspirational. So inspirational in fact that guests began lining up (much like X Factor auditions) for some time on the microphone. Again, more laughs and tears...which provided me with a personal highlight and a memory that will forever make me smile.

It seems my motivating self speak was not to be taken in vain. You see, old mate Tony Robbins was onto something in saying 'The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.' I like it! And it was true for me on this rainy night. You see, the memory that will always give me a smile saw this quote come to life. The stars aligning, preparation and opportunity colliding...

Without expecting it, Peter's sister Jane asked to say a few words. She, like most in attendance, was overwhelmed with joy and emotion. A quietly spoken lady yet clearly loving person, Jane shared with us her love for her brother (nawww...) and how she felt concerned for him when he first ventured to Australia. So far away from family and friends...would he be happy? How would he go without his family? Then BAM! She busted out the old Pai Mei 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart technique - the technique described quite simply, as the deadliest blow in all of martial arts. Or martial hearts in this case.

Jane went on to tell us that she needn't worry anymore because having now seen Peter settled with his new family and the love the share, that all is well in the shire. Well, there wasn't a dry eye in the house and thereafter comes my little piece of magic. The memory.

I approached Jane, embraced the mic, channelled my hopes, thanked Jane for her tear jerking speech and felt compelled to call out to the crowd. 'Can you feel the love in the room?' and I got a Yeah! So, I rolled with it...method I told you. I asked them again - 'I can feel it, can you feel it?' (and cast a look over at the DJ who evidently was riding this cosmic wave with me) to which the guests, now fired up gave me a YEAH! And before you know it, the beat kicked in and the Jackson 5 launched us into the night. Can you feel it..Can you feel it...Can you feel it!! Dance we did. Oh yeah, we felt it alright!

Classic, solid gold, could not have planned it, forever make me smile moment. Thank you universe and respect to you Mr DJ.

And so on this journey I learned a few things.

I discovered that great friendships can surprise and delight you at anytime. They are truly remarkable and on this day I was reminded of how much I appreciate mine. I love you Mandy and Peter.

I discovered the old adage, 'like attracts like' is true of this particular friendship as I too am a low maintenance person and in preparation for my contribution ultimately approached my duties with a touch of 'que sera sera'. My preparation (after all that panic, motivation and raiding the prop box) and execution meant that for my part, I was going give it to them with gusto and from the heart. And it worked out for the best.

And I discovered that it is of utmost importance to have an awesome band/DJ at any occasion that you hope to be remembered. Lip-syncing, butt shaking, finger clicking and toe tapping are all good for the soul.

And in the event you're wondering about how my MC duties went, I think i've done them proud and don't believe the aforementioned 'I rue the day' conversation has or will occur over scrambled eggs anytime soon. One can only hope...Who am I kidding?!? I rocked it like Dwayne Johnson.

Forget MC Hammer, there's a new kid in town...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sweet Lord baby Jesus!

I've done it guys.

I've signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.

I thought it a fabulous idea to completely expose myself (I view potential for public humiliation as a real motivator) to all and sundry on my journey of personal improvement. Air my dirty laundry if you will. In truth, participating in the 12WBT and documenting the details is a clever ploy, a dastardly plan, which I'm hoping will keep my fingers on the keyboard and out of the cookie jar. Damn you cookie jar!..

Stay tuned for updates as I hit the road (running if Michelle has any say in the matter) to a healthier, trimmer and pain free me. Join me for the highs and lows, the tears and happiness...oh, and the embarrassing images of me in my scanties holding up the Courier Mail. 

Official kick off is Monday, 12 September...Give me strength.