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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Things I reckon kids should learn...

You simply cannot understand it,
Until you have your own.
A little heir or heiress,
To aspire to your family throne.

A bundle of joy and radiant sun beams,
To brighten up each day.
Something you'd give your own life for,
To ensure they're safe at play.

It's true I'll wage, that the feelings are strong, 
But there is much to do.
Some things that may serve them well, 
Some suggestions* from me to you.

Show them love and kindness,
Teach them self respect.
How to demonstrate good manners,
And all about cause and effect.
How to tie their laces,
And how to prepare their lunch.
To have a sense of gratitude,
And to oft say; "Thanks a bunch".

Show them how to manage money, 
How to live their life with thrift.
Remind them that generosity,
Can be an almighty and rewarding gift.
To laugh and sing, to walk proud and tall,
To be open to life and to be prepared for a fall.
Hey, it happens every now and then, 
So dust yourself off, don't let it make you feel small.

Make it a priority to love yourself foremost and first,
Be kind to animals, pay heed to thirst.
Live your life like a grand adventure; rich and truly full,
Be upfront, call a spade a spade, and don't take any bull.

Surround yourself with a kind a loving few,
Some people you can trust.
Have faith, be kind and listen well,
Show compassion, that's a must.

Never underestimate the power of dreams,
Propelled by consistent action.
To thine self be true, rings very true, 
And brings great satisfaction.

For this may one day be your role.
So one last thing I'll say,
Respect the ones who've paved the road,
And always seize the day.

Loving you, loving me...TLT x


* Although highly intelligent, I am not an expert in these matters. These are merely my ideas and opinions regardless of my being borderline genius and good at many things including fire twirling, singing, cooking and hugs. Yes, it should be noted that I am an EXTREMELY good hugger.

What being unceremoniously dumped after 20 years has taught me...

My friend of 20 years unceremoniously dumped me yesterday.

"It's not me, it's you", she said. 
"You've changed and I don't feel a part of your life anymore" she continued.
"I'm done pretending I matter to you" she concluded.

"Huh?!" was my reply.

Much like my man Snoop Dogg - she dropped it like it was hot.

Oh sure, I could tell something was up. 

The multiple (ignored) phone calls to which I'd reason "She's busy", at least she'll know I'm thinking of her and will call back when she can." After a time I resorted to sending random notes asking when we might catch up only to be denied any response. 

Zip, nadda, nothing.

I don't know exactly when this happened, nor when she started feeling this way. No bust up or altercation along the way gave me any clues. No communication from her to let me know how she was feeling. Just a single text (Urgh!) memo to advise we were through. This was the first and last indication that something was up and that our long and loving friendship was over.

Sheesh...and they call me Tough Love!

Now that all is said and done, I can only respect her wish to terminate our friendship. Rather than let a range of negative emotions overwhelm me, I've decided to reflect upon our friendship with fondness and love and to send her all the very best wishes and whatever her heart desires.

Meantime, I've looked for the lessons to be gained from this situation. Here are some things that have come up for me:

  • Some people change, some stay the same. I want to evolve
  • I am who I am - love me or leave me
  • Pick up the phone or write a letter when saying goodbye
  • Make an effort for the people you love - it's worth it
And should you be faced with a similar situation, shake your good thang to another Snoop Dogg tune and remember; I just want you to know that you are really special.

Loving you, loving me...TLT x