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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mazel Tov!

In the event you didn’t get the memo - I own the month of February.

Each year, the 1st to the 28th (or 29th in a Leap Year) day of the month are dedicated to moi and I have the paperwork to prove it.
Yes, 'The Festival of Tough Love Tamvakis' is upon us - each day a celebration, each night a parade that will rise to a crescendo on the 16th and continue to play out like a satisfying symphony for the remaining days of the month. Expect an abundance of cake, dancing unicorns and French champagne. Hurrah!
We have got a party on our hands. Brace yourselves people...Brace yourselves.

Watch it!

I have a dirty little secret...I am a cinephile. There, it's out. And it feels gooooood.

A cinephile is a devoted moviegoer and I, ladies and gentlemen, have given my heart to celluloid. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the written word. In fact a great film, an inspired book and some Gelato - well that's my kind of menage a trois. Truth be told, a great film is usually the result of a story, a dialogue, a funny, dramatic or beautifully written prose and when united with the appropriate direction, production, cinematography and killer soundtrack, an undeniably formidable force.

The best thing about the recent holidays (other than birthday cake for Baby Jesus and learning a couple of chords on the guitar) was having more time to indulge my love affair and much like Depeche Mode circa 1981 - I just could not get enough. Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Animation, Documentary, Foreign...I soaked it up like a Chux Superwipe!

Here’s a snapshot of my cinematic portfolio (in no particular order of preference) during my extended break. I hope you're inspired to get amongst some cinematic pleasure. I certainly don’t expect to be slowing down anytime soon. It's Oscar season after all! Note to self, best stock up on Gelato...

Tower Heist

King Fu Panda 2

The Boat that Rocked

Beautiful Lies

The Guard


Midnight in Paris


Bride and Prejudice


The Tempest

The Descendants


The Incredibles

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Puss in Boots

The Rum Diary

The Iron Lady

The Ides of March

L’Amour Fou

The Artist