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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Girl look at that body. I-I-I work out!

Daily, without fail, I hear someone saying they feel ''bad" because they haven't exercised enough, without intensity or worse yet - at all. In a cruel and self imposed circle of torture, anxiety somehow encourages them to indulge in "something bad" seeing they've blown it for the day anyway.  

So like heavy weight boxers, round after round we go. Beating ourselves up, babbling incessantly both verbally and mentally (repeatedly) for not being as active as we "should" be.

Even elite athletes don't necessarily feel like training each day - why should it be any different for us mere mortals. Hmm?

So enough already. Let's adopt a fresh, new perspective. 

Put your shoes on and step outside your door. Walk up the street and take a big breath of air. Push it deep into the pit of your belly. Lift your chest to the sky. Look up and greet the day or night. Notice how when you drive a step from your heel that your stride gets longer and stronger. Feel your body in motion. Smile. Ideally a really big ol' smile. Look around. Really look around. Sure you may have lived in a particular area most of your life but have you noticed the the smells, the sounds, the trees, the buildings? 

Have you paid attention to the rhythm of life? 

Let's not taint our good fight with poor, unsporting outbursts. Rather, let's accept that all effort is good effort. Embrace that something is better than nothing and for the love of sweet baby Jesus - forget about going 12 rounds in your head about "being bad". 

Exercise doesn't have to be a record or ball breaking affair every time. Equally, well being be it mental, physical, spiritual or otherwise can be a incredibly joyous adventure. 

Choose for it to be so. For indeed, it will be whatever we decide it to be. 

Loving you, loving me...TLT x 

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