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Monday, 4 February 2013

Red, red wine...goes to my head.

I've just returned from 3 days of frolicking with friends in the Adelaide Hills - a truly picturesque part of the world and home to some of the best Australian (if not international) wine country.

It was pure bliss.

Much like the Seven Dwarfs (armed with high spirits and a song at the ready) we'd pile into the car each day and head off in pursuit of an adventure.

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! In search of wine and cheese we go...

Winding through the hills and taking in the fresh air was restorative. Stopping to sample the the lovingly prepared local fare and experiencing a warm welcome at every turn was delicious. Looking out so far across the vineyards and into the distance where it seemed the earth kissed the sky - my curiosity and sense of endless possibility was stirred. I told you, bliss.

Travelling from one winery to the next taught me about how wine is produced. The importance of choosing your grape (decision) preparing the soil (build strong foundations), when to plant (timing is all important), ensure the roots are spread wide and deep (give them room to grow). Much to consider, and this is merely the first step.

Now you have to wait.

The vines will produce grapes in time. Until then it's recommended the focus is on training and pruning the vine to help them grow into fruit that is crushed, pressed stabilised, fermented, tested, bottled and finally, enjoyed.

My trip to the Hills has affirmed to me that life can be much like growing grapes for the sake of a good drop - things take time and effort. If we want something we must plant the seeds, tend to them and watch them grow in order to reap the harvest.

When we prepare, accept and adjust when things are beyond our control and most importantly appreciate and respect the process, we have the potential to be much like a good bottle of plonk - better with maturity.

Loving you, loving me...TLT x

And to my fellow Dwarfs - Cassowary, Budgie, Sparrow Fart, Owl, A and Lex - thank you for this wonderful adventure, I will treasure you always.

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