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Saturday, 8 December 2012

For the love of vegetables!

The electric inter web has allowed for an uptake (and steady increase) of people standing up for the rights of the voiceless. i.e. dogs, whales, gorillas ...Britney Spears. Thing is, I've not heard a single soul stand up and represent one other important, voiceless player so I'm here to raise the issue - inhumane treatment of vegetables.

You heard right.

Forget Britney Spears, I care more about Broccoli Spears. Vegetables have feelings too!

So rather than chop the carrots (Ouch!), slice the cucumber (Eek!) or crush the garlic (Help!) try perfecting the art of Julienne, Chiffonnade, Jardinière, Brunoise, Macedoine and Paysanne. Oui! They are indeed actual (and tres magnifique!) techniques that will no doubt impress your friends AND show kindness to the vege-tables.

Meanwhile, the renewed focus on this simple and repetitive task allows the mind to rest, new energy to flow and ideas to emerge.

So let’s hear it for our leafy friends and get on board the ‘Be Humane to Veges’ campaign.

I smell a revolution people. Viva la vegetable!

Loving you, loving me...TLT x

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