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Monday, 5 December 2011

Renegade household appliance attacks young Brisbane woman

I've decided to actively include meditation into my daily life. 

Its always been interesting to me and at times I've dabbled a little, however a full time commitment seemed like such a long and laborious process. Plus the expense of incense, soothing instrumental accompaniments and a new wardrobe based entirely on cheese cloth and Thai Fisherman's pants simply wasn't something I was ready to commit to. And until now, I really didn't want to factor an hour or more per day into my schedule to do it. You know, I'm busy and highly important. Yah, yah...

However, it dawned upon me that the people I know and speak with who meditate regularly seem to have their junk together. They seem relaxed. Besides, you can meditate for ten minutes or two hours the choice is up to the individual and according to the pros, you reap benefits either way.

So I figure, why not!

I've coupled the meditation practise with 'The Five Healing Tibetans' which is a form of yoga developed centuries ago by Tibetan monks and distilled into five precise exercises. It's rather nice (and very progressive) of those guys to condense things into a short and sweet little package for us busy, modern folk. Hmmm..Perhaps the practise gives you foresight?! I'll report back.

Anyhoo, the monks believed these postures to be the key to living a long vibrant and healthy life, among other benefits. That sounds good to me. After all, I have loads to do and see so 
I need time and energy on my side. 

Ok, I'm in.

I am currently enjoying Day 2 of my new found Zen and I have already had an astonishing breakthrough. I know. Amazing, right? Here it is.

I like to practise in the morning. It wakes my body up and energises me physically and mentally for the day. Today, I finished up and moved on to some mundane yet necessary domestic duties. For those of you who don't know, I have a RoboVac. You know...a robotic vacuum cleaner. It's the best invention EVER. At the push of a button it glides about, making my floorboards gleam while I get onto more important matters like braiding my hair and writing witty anecdotes.

Sadly, I occasionally retrieve my manual vacuum (ugh!) and run it over the rug as my RoboVac, (or Maria as I've fondly named the 'robot help') can't get into it in the same way. To my great surprise and horror, upon attempting to retrieve the manual vacuum from its hidey-hole it recoiled and the handle came at me like a Mumbai Dancing Street Cobra (you know the ones, they dance to music played on a recorder or small flute for money) and smacked me fair in the eye. Ouch.

Usually, there would have been profanity, followed by tears, more profanity, a cry of 'why me?' and more tears. Not today. I recognised that I was experiencing some shock, put my hand over my eye, took a few breaths, calmly walked myself to the freezer, retrieved a pack of frozen peas (Ah McCain, you've done it again!), wrapped them in a tea towel, placed the package over my eye and sat myself down. Cool, calm and collected. Wowza.

This may not seem like a big deal to most but for the girl that took out the 'Publicis Mojo - Best actress in a Creative Drama' award (impressive, I know), it's kind of a big deal.  

So, I'm going to keep this up and see where it leads me. If you're keen to check it out you can Goo-goo-ley and find it on the Interweb or if you're tactile like me, you can get the little handbook below.  

Meantime, remember. Renegade vacuum parts and other household items can attack at any time. Be alert. And feel free to adopt my new mantra 'Meditate, don't domesticate'. It may just save your life. 

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