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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

ANTS vs. BIG CATS - a clash of the Titans

Ever taken a moment to observe Ants?

I have, and they’re seemingly always on the run. In fact from what I can tell, they’re never still. Even when they hit the jackpot and land a giant feast of hamburger bun crumbs, they run about all over and around them or scurry them along to a different location.
Hey, little guy! What’s the rush and where are you going? Do you have somewhere to be, or so wired up you’re merely running around in circles?

Meanwhile, other species take their sweet time yet manage to fit in all of life’s essentials. A classic example, the Big Cats.
These guys sleep much of the day and still find time to hunt, eat, bathe, play, groom, and get physical - and by physical, I mean sexy time and they do this A WHOLE LOT.

Yes ma'am, they make time for it all and maintain their place in the hierarchy of the wild. Never doubtful, without compromise and always proud. And although I’m no Doctor Doolittle and can’t categorically confirm it, they seem all the happier for it.

So – are you an Ant or are you a Big Cat? Are you rushing at life and neglecting to take a moment or two to consider what’s fundamentally and authentically good for you?
How much sleep do I want/need?

Who are the people/what are the issues that matter?

Am I taking care of my well being – mental, physical, spiritual, financial and dietary?

Do I make time for friends, my family and play?

Do I hunt down my happiness like a lion does their prey?

I encourage you to consider yourself, what makes you tick and what feels good to and for YOU then go about doing it unabashedly and without apologies. Grrraaaowww...release your inner beast! 
Start thinking and behaving like the Big Cat and assume attack modality then gently, quietly, strategically, move towards your desires before pouncing on them with enthusiastic vigour.
Go on then - make some love, have a feed and take a nap.
Heck, these big boys have proved that there's always time.
Loving you, loving me...TLT x



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