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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Life is beautiful...

It’s a glorious morning so I grab my breakfast and my indoor feline friends and venture out into the backyard to allow the sun’s rays rest on our bones.
After devouring my avocado and tomato on toast, I groom then proceed to shower my little fur balls with love. They purr back, eyes closed and tails gently swaying with the breeze.
When done, I slowly stroll around the garden paying attention to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees and the birds chirping. I stumble upon part of a hatched blue egg and wonder; “What creature was born from this?”
I’ve kept it to show my husband, the nature lover and aficionado in the event he can tell me. Perhaps I’ll never know. In any case, it’s beautiful so I photograph it.
I look over at the critters, they are savouring the sunshine.
I stand quietly. My mind free thought or expectation. Happy.
I spot a dragonfly on a fence post. I decide to slowly inch my way as close as it will allow me. Step by step, I make my way. As I approach what’s perhaps uncomfortably close for my bronze winged friend, it takes flight. I sigh in disappointment and think “I wish you’d stay.”
To my delight, it seems my new friend hears me, flying a short distance before returning to its perch.
I stand very still.
It turns its back to me. I gently bend to capture the beauty of the sun bouncing from its intricately designed wings. It willingly models for me. I smile and marvel at the beauty. Again, it flies away returning quickly and this time, giving me a glance at its stunning golden body.

Are you flirting little friend?
It’s as though with each moment passing, it understands I am quietly in awe so with one final launch my winged friend floats gently through the air and returns to its post, this time facing me head on; without fear.
Talk about putting on a show my little prehistoric descendant...Bravo!
I walk away, feeling humbled and grateful to receive these lovely gifts from nature.
I give thanks.
Life is beautiful.
Loving you, loving me...TLT x


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